Thursday, 26 July 2007

Pull up a chair...


This is a blog about roleplaying in general and -- as of 2014 -- 5E in particular, my system of choice at the moment.

Who is the mysterious DM I'm chasing? Me, I hope. Or at least, future me.

Somewhere out there is the DM I want to be.

The guy who constructs peerlessly complex and rewarding campaigns for his players, who has endless inspiration about where the game should go next, how he's going to do it, and how the players can play the biggest role in that change.

The guy who smoothly and authoritatively adjudicates rules at the table, who imposes himself when required, but is little more than a shadowy facilitator the rest of the time.

The DM that all boy DM's want to be, and all girl DM's want to be with.

He's out there somewhere. I know it. He's the guy I'm chasing. I don't even think I've caught sight of his coat-tails, but I could've sworn he dropped a bunch of d6's one time...

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