Sunday, 12 August 2007

Obvious in Hindsight II

Don't be afraid to do the maximum possible damage to PC's in the first round or two of combat, especially if you've got the drop on them and you're attacking them while they're flat-footed. It may be tempting to throttle back a little as you bring DPS'ers and casters down to single-digit hit-points, but believe me, as soon as they get their Dexterity back and start buffing eachother, you'll be back to needing 20's to hit them before you can say Haste.


guylambourn said...

Ah Haste, soooo much better than the grossly over rated fireball. My spell caster is 9th level, still doesn't have Haste, and I can honestly say that the party hasn't missed it.

Wedge said...

You mean 'doesn't have fireball' I assume. I *know* you mean 'doesn't have haste', because you've chewed through the bad guys via it enough times. Anyway I have a much better strategy now: put the sorcerer in mortal danger from the word go. Works like a charm. :)

guylambourn said...


Typing faster than brain. Nothing new there then!