Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Has it been a year already?

Because 4th Edition is pretty much here, and not only that, but it seems to rock very hard indeed, D&D is consequently featuring very heavily in my head-space.

I need to be careful about letting its shiny newness blind me to the system as a whole, but from what I've read, and from what I've surmised, and from even the little I've played, the whole thing seems like a triumphant mix of fun, modern design features coupled with the unique fantasy feel that still makes D&D such a standout game even some 30+ years plus after it was devised.

The books should arrive on Friday, fingers crossed, so I'll have more to blather on about over the next few weeks. It'll be interesting to talk about the challenges of the new system from the ground up, and I should certainly have plenty of opportunities to play it. Two potential new 4th Edition campaigns have opened up, one of them weekly, and on top of that I will be developing and playtesting the Greyflood series of adventure modules with a very talented friend of mine for publication in the Autumn. I'll be sure to talk about all of that here, exclusively, on this very channel. :)

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