Tuesday, 1 July 2008

New poll: 3ed prep time

In what some commentators are already calling "24 more people than the last one", 29 respondents offered their valuable opinion on 4th Edition as follows:
Not my cup of tea: 8 (27%)
I'll be playing it alongside some other systems: 16 (55%)
Just too good... it'll be that or nothing: 5 (17%)
4th what now..? 0 (0%)

No real surprises, with the vast majority (including myself) likely to play 4th Edition as part of a wider set of games, and a much lower -- but surprisingly similar -- number of people planting their flag either side of the like it/loathe it demilitarised zone.

For the next couple of polls, I'm going to start soliciting opinions on whether the design goals of 4th Edition appear to have been met.

First I need to establish a baseline, and this is a bit of information I'm interested in anyway. Just how long did it take you to prep your 3rd Edition-era games? Only by drawing our line in the sand for 3ed can we gauge whether one of the stated goals of 4e -- reduction of DM overhead -- has been achieved.

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