Thursday, 3 July 2008

Oh My Giddy Aunt

Okay I've had one of those moments. A moment of clarity, you might say. I've realised, all of a sudden, that not only have I been running something wrong in 3rd Edition for like ever, but that in doing so, I've probably been sucking about 20% of pure fun out of every combat I've ever DM'd. (And played as it happens, since both of the guys who've DM'd 3ed for me have done the same thing.)

Readied actions. Yes, the rules state that you can Ready a Standard, Move or Minor action... but they don't say you can't take the rest of your turn beforehand!

How have I been playing it, I hear you ask? Well allow me to elaborate. I had assumed that Readying reduced your flexibility in combat, that it limited your options... that you were so focused on the trigger, that you robbed yourself of some of your awareness. In other words, if you Readied an action, that was all you could do in a round.

No. There's nothing stopping you moving, and then Readying an action. Nothing at all. No rule. Technically, if I was to get all defensive (moi?) I would suggest that the rules could be clearer, but at the end of the day, this is just me. Being thick. And now Readied actions are absolutely lethal, and I shall be using them with reckless abandon.


Benmoule said...

like in the ToE computer game when they put a little tab on the character when they had a spell readied?


Wedge said...

Yeah, exactly. What I didn't get though -- until now -- was that you could combine a move and a Ready, giving you way more options in combat than we've been using for oh-so-many years. :(