Friday, 5 September 2008

4ed Campaign -- Session 5 -- 31st August 2008

In which new friends are made, a pebble does not beget a landslide, and the Keep on the Shadowfell is breached.
Elumai - Eladrin Wizard 2
Berend - Dwarven Fighter 2
Corrash - Dragonborn Warlock (Fey-Pact) 2
Kieran - Eladrin Warlord (Tactical Presence) 2 (Community NPC)
The expedition returns to Winterhaven to report its findings to Padraig and his wizardly overseer, Lord Riva. Pennie and Ryan unexpectedly decide to move-on, seeking their fortunes eastwards, towards the city, leaving Elumai and Berend to seek some rest at Wrafton's before deciding what to do next.

They are clearly expected. Sylvana points at the two adventurers as they come in, nodding at a couple of strangers in the bar who approach them to have a word. Corrash is a Dragonborn with a diffident air, seeking to join them for his own, unspoken reasons, while Kieran is an elegant and well-dressed Eladrin, citing his desire to join a group of adventurers and expand his horizons. The two strangers are welcomed into Berend and Elumai's band, and much drinking and telling of tales ensues. Rond, meanwhile, seems aloof and unapproachable, having clearly been given orders that restrict his fraternisation with the adventurers... much to Elumai's distaste.

The following morning, a decision is made to follow-up on Elumai's quest and investigate the Keep itself. The journey there, down a long-untrodden road (or so it appears), is uneventful, and eventually the party emerges in a broad clearing scattered with ten-foot piles of rock and rubble. A quick search reveals that one of them hides a concealed entrance, and with great skill and care, the characters make a hole for themselves without -- it seems -- alerting anything that might be waiting for them inside. Below, a staircase leads down, and a frigid breeze drifts up out of the darkness.

A curtain blocks the end of the stairwell but there is clearly something in the room beyond, perhaps playing with dice of some kind. Berend -- true to form -- storms in, revealing a lone goblin in a large pillared room, the cracked and pitted stone revealing its great age. Multiple exits lead in various directions, and Kieran streaks across the room to grab the goblin before it can make off... in the process falling foul of a simple pit trap. Ten feet below, he is accosted by a clawing, biting mass of rats, quickly buried under their furry bodies.

Berend attempts to haul the eladrin out while the others engage the goblin. The creature fends them off with crossbow bolts before making a break for a nearby door. Berend and Kieran -- now out of the pit and slightly worse for wear -- move into an adjacent store room, engaging both the goblin shooter and his accomplice, hiding out to catch the party unawares. The combat is soon over, with the characters heading off another escaping goblin who drops his weapons and whimpers in submissions...


Wedge said...

This ended up being a rather short and uneventful session as the party took its first steps into the Keep. Not a lot to report on really. There was another change of PC's as questions were raised over proper party make-up (I had no problem with another change), there was a rather dodgy skill challenge as they tried to open the entrance-way without attracting attention (still, I now know what to do the *next* time that comes up!), and a brief combat on the first level after the least likely person to actually fall for the pit trap rolled a truly terrible Perception check. All good fun, but we need to up the pace a bit if we're going to make good progress in four hour sessions.

Alec said...

It's a pitty we had to loose Pennie, i really liked playing her and i hope that at some point in the future she might re-appear.

Wedge said...

::whistles innocently into the wind, gazing skyward::