Friday, 19 September 2008

4ed Campaign -- Session 7 -- 13th September 2008

In which a coy little maneuver escapes to take over the entire session.
Elumai - Eladrin Wizard 2
Berend - Dwarven Fighter 2
Corrash - Dragonborn Warlock (Fey-Pact) 2
Kieran - Eladrin Warlord (Tactical Presence) 2 (Community NPC)

After a brief discussion on whether to continue, or exit the Keep to take a well-earned rest, the characters decide that they want to push on and deal with whatever threat is facing them from the corridors on the other side of the secret corridor. A plot is hatched, with Corrash and Elumai sneaking back through the complex to spy on the room from which the guard dogs (or whatever) emerged earlier, while Berend and Kieran wait behind the secret door to surprise whatever they draw out.

From the end of the corridor, the room is somewhat difficult to make out however there is clearly a large dog-like creature on guard. Corrash and Elumai attack the creature from distance, but whatever urge it has to rush to the attack is curtailed by a harsh, goblin-sounding order from the back of the room. There ensures a carefully choreographed assault on the guard drakes and goblin shooters in the room, attackers and defenders swatting at eachother from the shadows before the party rushes the room and dispatches the goblins at close range.

They find a room which has been the site of some sort of dig, with the flagstoned floor of the Keep dug out to a depth of at least ten feet. A search throws up nothing unusual until Elumai brings her burgeoning Arcane expertise to bear on the room, detecting the presence of a magical aura within the huge spoil heap in one corner. Within, a tarnished gold necklace with a dragon-head talisman spewing meticulously crafted flame... an Implement +1 of Bahamut. Of little use to the party, it is neverthless pocketed.

After this the characters retreat to the surface, setting up camp in the woods around the Keep entrance. They know that they can no longer put off venturing into the cold underbelly of the complex...

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Wedge said...

So, this was a short session (around 3 hours) which I was afraid would amount to little more than two fights... but which ended up being just one.

I learned a few lessons from this session. My players executed a careful sneak attack on the place, trading blows with hidden goblins, and when they eventually rushed in, there was lots of to-ing and fro-ing as the goblins retreated into hiding leaving the guard drakes to take the brunt of the attack.

All well and good and, in fact, if you step back, the rules worked well to support this style of encounter (something I would not say of 3.5E, overall). The problem was, this single fight expanded to fill amost two hours of game time. I can see why it happened, but I shouldn't have let it. The goblins were neither important nor particularly powerful foes, and whatever attrition they would have inflicted was irrelevant because the group had clearly decided to rest after this encounter. A strong lesson re-learned on hand-waiving encounters that simply aren't needed.

Still, on the plus side, the errata'd stealth rules worked fine, and in fact, I think stealth has finally been licked in D&D.

Next session: less mayhem, more roleplaying. :)