Monday, 8 September 2008

Dragon Index - Issue 364

First in a series of posts showing the contents of each digital Dragon magazine as it's released on the Wizards of the Coast web-site. This is more to help me than anything else, but will probably be useful to anyone who visits the blog. Should Wizards do a decent job of an on-line index which includes article summaries, I'll retire this series in favour of just using that. Obviously.

Demonomicon of Iggwilv: Yeenoghu - By Robert J. Schwalb
Unleash the bloodthirsty Demon Prince of Gnolls—and his many loyal followers—on your unsuspecting PCs.
Vor Kragal: Lost City of Bael Turath - By Nicolas Logue
This long-dead relic of the ancient tiefling empire is rife with adventure for those willing to brave its dark streets.
Playing Warforged - By Chris Sims
Fully realized as a 4th Edition PC race, the warforged are here. New racial feats, rules for warforged components, and more.
Ashen Covenant - By Ari Marmell
Devoted to the demon prince Orcus, the Ashen Covenant believes that victory for their dark lord will come only when he ascends... as the new god of death.
The Wolves of Maldeen - By Nicolas Logue
Long ago, the legendary Maldeen stood up to champion those who could not fight for themselves. Now his order continues this noble cause.
Creature Incarnations: Kobolds - By Mike Mearls
Sure, the Monster Manual is full of the little buggers, but who couldn’t use some more kobolds? Introducing the wild mage, vermin handler, and many more varieties.
Roll vs. Role: Goblins - By Bruce Cordell and Chris Sims
Meet the Bile Spider tribe, an alchemically inclined group of goblins willing to do anything for a necessary reagent.
Campaign Classics: The Hazards of Dark Sun - By Gary Astleford
The deadly hazards of Athas are countless . . . but these three will get you started.
Class Acts: Wizard - By Rodney Thompson
Look no further for illusionist-style wizard powers.
Expeditionary Dispatches: Forest of Flesh - By Keith Baker
Enter the world of Mordain the Fleshweaver.
Design & Development: The Dungeon Master’s Guide - By James Wyatt
The author of the DMG takes us on tour of the book.
Confessions of a Full-Time Wizard - By Shelly Mazzanoble
Shelly sits down with James Wyatt to get some inside tips on running a game.
RPGA Report - By Chris Tulach
This month, Chris covers the days of Living Greyhawk.
Ampersand - By Bill Slavicsek
Bill talks about D&D Game Day and the launch..

Edit: I've decided against doing this because there isn't much utility above and beyond what you can already get from the Dragon Archive anyway. Certainly not as useful as the Dungeon index will turn out to be.

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