Monday, 1 September 2008

New Poll: Powers... Too Much Fluff?

So, closing the current poll gives us our first point of comparison between 3E and 4E: game prep time. In the 3E poll, most respondents suggested that they put in 2 hours of prep to 4 hours of game; in 4E, most people put in only 1 hour of prep time:
For 4th Edition D&D DM's - For every four hours you spend gaming, how long do you prepare? (15 respondents):
No hours - wing and a prayer - 13%
Up to 1 hour - 46%
Up to 2 hours - 26%
Up to 3 hours - 13%
More - 0%
With such a limited sample, it's hard to put too much stock in these results, but if they are to be believed, then at this early stage 4E DM's are already enjoying one of the design goals of the newest edition: reduced prep time. For myself, I can certainly say this is the case.

For the next poll I'm going all Ironside on your asses and reducing things down to a simple yes or no answer. There's been quite a lot of talk on-line about how the 4E powers (and their associated fluff) can make it harder for narrative-minded DM's to describe an attack/stunt/scene effectively, because the descriptions are too detailed, too much of a strait-jacket for the imagination. Do you agree?

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Tommi said...

Hindered, but not in relation to 3rd edition; my default homebrew is basically freeform narration-wise, so it is hard for a set of rules to not hinder narration compared to it.