Thursday, 18 September 2008

Poll Results & New Poll

So the returns are in for judging 4E's improvements with respect to encouraging more flowery narrative, and the results are pretty clear:
4E powers and their associated narrative fluff - have these innovations helped or hindered the narration of combat and the game in general? (16 respondents):
Helped - 81%
Hindered - 6%
No change - 12%

A couple of votes on the negative or 'no change' side don't really offset the majority in favour of 'Helped', and in this instance I have to agree. Having that little bit of fluff in the power description -- even if you have to tweak it or radically alter it to fit what's going on in the game -- definitely encourages the expenditure of a few more watts of brainpower when describing what you're doing. This is important; D&D is a narrative exercise, not a board game, and anything which reinforces that distinction is a winner.

For my next trick I'd like to find out more about the predilections of all D&D players -- not just DM's -- with respect to the kinds of adventures they like to play. There's nothing new or exciting about this poll, but with a few thoughts coalescing in my head about Wizards' approach to its Heroic Tier adventures, I'm interested in the results.

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