Tuesday, 14 October 2008

4ed Campaign -- Session 8 -- 28th September 2008

In which a halfling insinuates himself into the party, relationships with dragonborn get a little bit chilly, and the undead walk.
Elumai - Eladrin Wizard 2
Berend - Dwarven Fighter 2
Corrash - Dragonborn Warlock (Fey-Pact) 2
Romto - Halfling Cleric (of Pelor) 2

Things take a turn for the unexpected when Kieran abruptly announces that he doesn't want to continue with the adventurers. Hoping to recruit more help, the party return to Winterhaven and soon engage with a halfling paladin by the name of Romto. Unphased by Corrash's resistance to his proselytising, Romoto admits he's short of pocket (short of everything in fact) and proposes that he joins them for whatever endeavour they may be engaged in. Perhaps less enthusiastically than he would like, they agree.

Back at the Keep, the group delves into a maze-like, underground crypt. Romto immediately makes his presence felt by finding and sidestepping some sort of glyph inscribed on the floor, and the adventurers unleash everything they have on a group of clustered undead, seemingly unaware of their presence until disturbed. While that attack is successful, a terrible banshee-like scream suddenly echoes around the place, and the sounds of ghoulish shambling erupt from all directions...

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Wedge said...

A little late on this one!

We were joined by a new player this past week which enabled us to dispense with the community NPC and enjoy a four-PC party for the first time in the campaign. And very good it felt too. Mike, the new guy, and an experienced player in his own right, made quite an impression with his halfling paladin. The jury is out on Whether Corrash shares this appraisal.

Following Romto's introduction, there wasn't much time for any action, but the group did annihilate their first undead in one corner of the crypt maze. More will surely follow...