Monday, 24 August 2009

Where we at?

So a word or two about the drop-off in campaign journals, to any of my devoted readers who might be interested (hi mum)...

The campaign is still going strong (into 6th level as of yesterday), but we've seen a few diversions lately which have slowed progress a bit.

It turns out July and August were a *really* bad time to put Berend in the campaign spotlight, as his player Ben has been unavoidably pulled from the game for several weekends. Rather than push on without him, I diverted the game into a couple of "interludes", which are short one-shot adventures ret-conned into the campaign, and assumed to have happened prior to 'current' events.

You have to ignore obvious problems with Power availability and use, and I just allow everyone to run with fully-rested characters for the session it takes to play these things out, but on the whole, they worked extremely well.

They're good discipline for me (akin to putting together a convention game), and the players get to blast the crap out of everything in their path without having to worry about what might be around the corner, so everybody wins. So much so, in fact, that I'm already thinking of ways to build them into the game in a more structured way... you can probably play a few tunes with the idea as long as you have a bunch of players willing to buy-in to a Tarantino-style fractured narrative. More as-and-when.

As well as that, one of my players volunteered to start a second, slim-line campaign for those occasions when we I like a break, and I actually got to play for a change! Note to everyone: the Warden is every bit as fun as he looks on paper.

As I mentioned earlier, we played 'real time' Cradle Plain yesterday, and everyone levelled to 6th in the process. You should see the journal sometime this week, and although we're having to take a complete break next weekend, September is looking good for some consistent play.

On the player front, some not-so-good news. Xavier and Azurami's players will unfortunately be moving away from Worcester within the next week or so, and we're going to be losing them from the game. On the one hand, this is a real disappointment because they've added tons to the game, and we'll miss them; on the other hand, the gold medal for highest player turnover per-year-per-campaign must surely be within my grasp.

This will bring us back down to 4 players which I think I'm going to hold at, unless a new player literally drops in my lap.

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