Saturday, 1 May 2010

4ed Campaign -- Session 47 -- Monday 5th April

In which a convenient record of Kelia's expedition is left for all to find, Haestus reveals the true meaning of contempt, and the children of the Forge attack...

Roster (Party Level 9th)
Berend - Dwarven Fighter
Elumai - Eladrin Wizard
Finial - Half-elf Paladin
Jonas - Human Rogue/Ranger

Haestus d'Cannith strolls around the room, appearing most put out that his ghostly hands can't busy themselves cleaning up this mess. He reveals himself as the overseer, architect, and financier of this secret project, and knows Jelia by name, grudgingly admitting that he is happy that some distant splinter of the family has uncovered the forge and is showing some of the resourcefulness he is renowned for.

Jonas tells him that Parcival and Theruk are on their way, but Haestus can't imagine any of the good side of the family with such ignoble names, and is unimpressed with the banter. When pressed, he admits that both he and the other skeletons in the room died in a dreadful accident but boasts that his contingencies, obviously, worked well.

Jonas spots a golden signet ring amongst the rubble that looks remarkably like the jewelry on the apparition's fingers, and much to Haestus's disapproval, picks it up. "Outrageous!" yells the wraith, but when the ring is removed from the burned, bony finger on which it is found, the ghost fades into nothingness.

Within a small antechamber, the company finds a writing table. On it are a lit candle, a vial of ink and a quill, and what looks like a diary, full of sappy entries discussing the complexities of teenaged love going back months and months. Elumai recognises a magical glyph of concealment on the cover, which will be masking the true content of the book, and deploys a successful Dispel Magic to reveal the diary as a record of the expedition to the forge, written by someone called Marus. It appears Marus was hired by Jelia to oversee the Bladebearer hobgoblins she brought on as necessary muscle in the fulfilment of her mission.

Other information from the record indicating that Haestus was considered something of an eccentric when he was alive, ploughing vast amounts of the family fortune into inane projects. However, it appears that he enjoyed some success in uncovering the secrets of the warforged and built this "creation forge" with the help of someone going by the name of Calmachia.

Pushing on, the party heads deeper into the complex, passing through a dark gauntlet of traps and falling foul to some of them, including razor-sharp mesh strung across the corridor designed to entwine the unwary. At the end of this lengthy descent is a large room with a metal catwalk suspended over a sea of molten metal, emitting heat and light which is almost unbearable.

On an opposite catwalk, small dragon-like constructs crouch ready for action, observing the party as they enter, but making no immediate moves to attack, and alongside them several armoured hobgoblins stand on guard. None of them appear aware of Jonas as he observes the room.

Elumai performs a ritual to protect everyone from the heat, and they begin to advance ... whereupon, unsurprisingly, the guards spring immediately to alert. The dragons launch themselves with great, lolloping wing-beats across the room, flying over the heads of the adventurers and slamming down into the corridor behind them, while the hobgoblins pelt the company with crossbows from the far side. Crossbow bolts ping from the walkway and drop towards the molten metal... but are caught by an almost imperceptibly thin net strung across the room, on which they begin to smolder before erupting into flame from the heat.

The dragons, having maneuvered behind the party, unleash powerful breath weapons, warping the air with magical force which blows the company backwards towards the edge. Finial loses balance and tumbles over the edge, but clings on by his fingertips and hauls himself back up, however Elumai is not so lucky, tumbling down onto the net and immediately starting to bake in the heat.

Jonas retreats from the dragons in order to engage the hobgoblins, but falls foul of a devious trap as the middle section of the catwalk swings out from under his feet. His reflexes however are just too good, and he grasps the edge of the walkway, his feet dangling over the molten pool below. At this point an echoing cackle reverberates through the burning atmosphere as Haestus once more rises up out of the lava, laughing in amusement at the Jonas's plight. Finial senses that he has brought some friends with him, ethereal minions which are moving through the walls and preparing to attack.

Finial's flail rips the head from one of the dragons and the construct collapses in a fizzing heap to the ground, electricity arcing across its body, but falls foul of the other creature's breath and is launched off the edge of the catwalk. Haestus takes great delight in this, launching bolts of energy at the company as they flounder below, desperately climbing up ladders on the far side of the room in order to regroup. The architect's wraith minions emerge from the walls to engulf the party, erupting with explosive force when killed and battering the already-assailed adventurers.

Jonas meanwhile focuses his attention elsewhere, clambering back up onto the walkway and with a defiant shout, hand-springing off the ledge towards a wide-eyed Haestus and scoring his gladius through the ghost's flesh. He plummets to the net below with a manic chuckle.

"And I though insanity only ran in my family!"
-- Haestus to Jonas in the Creation Forge.

Along with a sustained assault from the rest of the party, this is quite enough for Haestus. "I can see I'm going to have to give this much more thought!" he mutters, and ascends into the ceiling and out of sight...

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Deeper into the Creation Forge they go...

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