Saturday, 23 October 2010

Cradle Plain -- Session 53 -- Sunday 4th July 2010

Unfortunately there was a technical problem with the digital recorder for this session, and nothing was actually taped. This is bad, because it was July, and I can only remember vaguely what happened. For the sake of brevity I'll reprint what I entered into the Story So Far page:

Session 53 - Bahamut's Flames
In the wake of their victory, the party returns to Ashenport where Finial wreaks stern justice on the complicity of the townsfolk. Amidst evidence of a vicious fight where they left Shortham's caravan, the Sisters of the Ashen Cloth have been cruelly murdered and left on display as a warning to those who follow.


Wedge said...

While the minute details of the session have been lossed to our group memories, I can recall a couple of significant moments from this excellent session.

First, Finial transformed from mouth into plate-armoured trousers. His character had, lo these long years, been dispensing justice but the punishment had been unambiguous; no-one, for example, would have questioned his role in the destruction of the Necrotech cultists underneath the Seven-Pillared Hall.

Here though was something else. An entire town of men, women, and children, swept up in the madness of their mayor's rhetoric, turning a blind eye to the murder of complete strangers once a year. Finial was resolute and unmoved by their pleas and, well, let's just say that the fires of Ashenport burned long after the bones of the populace had been reduced to ashes.

This was a shocker for most of Finial's friends (not all), and decisively laid the course for his character into Paragon levels. Bloody excellent.

The other thing it did was reduce the normally sullen and reclusive Jonas into an outburst of grief that no-one had seen from him before. He demanded of Finial that he also be judged for crimes far worse than those of the townsfolk, but the paladin outright refused. Another excellent character beat which will resonate through the campaign, I'm sure.

Satisfying stuff.

Wedge said...

"lossed"? /sigh