Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Next D&D

The next edition of D&D is on its way. I'm excited, because it's new D&D, and new D&D has excitement baked in; but I'm also disappointed, because this is the first new edition that will arrive when I'm anything but sick of the existing edition, and worried, because I'm afraid that what I love about 4E won't survive the transition. This might mean for the first time that the newest, shiniest version of D&D is not the version of D&D I actually choose to play.

The transition out of 4E will be a tricky one for Wizards because the community is heavily polarized between players who made the switch to 4E, and players who stayed with 3E or slid over to its spiritual OGL successor, Pathfinder. (The market split is difficult to judge, but Paizo have certainly enjoyed a lot of success with their sumptuous line.) I don't have any stake in Pathfinder but I can certainly see the brand loyalty it inspires and I doubt that Wizards will make much of a dent in it.