Tuesday, 30 April 2013

To Wedgeski, Hugs and kisses, Love, Wizards of the Coast

We have a new version of D&D coming, and unlike previous versions, this one is being created in the open. I'm amazed that the designers -- and for that matter Wizards of the Coast themselves -- had the cajones to push for a new edition so soon after investing in the current one, and not only that but to do it in the wild, opinionated, contradictory wilderness of the roleplaying community, where every good idea is nuked from orbit by weaponised geeks and rational discussion is a rare treat.

It's especially brave given the prevailing critical wind amongst the forum-posting contingent, which could most generously be described as savagely anti-WotC.

You can go and download the latest playtest packet from the Wizards web site right now. The process has been going on for almost a year and what's emerging is an interesting cross-section of D&D history with mechanics firmly rooted in 3E, satisfying nods to what 4E did best, and an evident strategy of taking the game back to the kind of fast, loose, frontier-rule of law that drove AD&D to such great heights back in its hey-day. It's all quite interesting, actually, more so than I expected as a fan and long-time DM of 4E who felt that the latest version of the game was being handed its hat even before the main course was being cleaned away, let alone after dessert had been served.

Hmm. Anyone else hungry?

Sunday, 28 April 2013

Dungeon Index Up To Date!

The Dungeon Index page is now up-to-date up to and including Dungeon #211, and #212 will be completed as soon as the Wizards web site provides a download link!

Thursday, 25 April 2013

Dungeon Index Updates

I've started trickling the outstanding Dungeon magazine adventure content into the Dungeon Index. I expect to be completely up-to-date within a few days.

Monday, 22 April 2013

Top of the Round

Hey. Whaddap? It's been a long time.

Coming back to the blog after quite some time off, I'm really happy to see that the Dungeon Index is ticking over with a couple-hundred hits a month, and that people seem to be getting some real utility from that page. Brilliant! I'll carve out the time to bring that thing up to date as soon as I can.

Due to some geographical and lifestyle changes that looked imminent at the time, the campaign itself has been on hold since the back half of last year, but those changes are taking quite some time to come to fruition and while we're still local to the players I'm hoping to warm things up again. After we move, the plan is to change the campaign structure into something that can continue in longer, irregular sessions which will take place whenever we can travel and get everyone together.

In the meantime, there are tons of sessions recorded but not yet written up and that's something I need to get done. The problem, as always, is finding the multiple hours per session it takes to do that. As always you can subscribe to the blog if you want to know exactly when those updates happen. Your Inbox will suffer no ill effects, I promise.