Monday, 14 July 2014

New year. New Game. New Look.

We're busy over at "Chasing the DM" Towers, and it's time the old place got a spring clean!

Cradle Plain - This campaign has now sadly folded after something like 85 runs (only a few more than are documented in the campaign journal). This was entirely my fault as we decided to leave the area and then, due to the vagaries of the housing market, didn't. In the meantime, other interests have kept the group from re-forming and with the imminent release of the new edition, I've decided to let it rest in peace.

The campaign was a unique experience for me in so many ways and I might do a proper post-mortem one day. Suffice to say, it had some of the great moments of my DM'ing career, as well as some of the most embarrassing, and was brilliant, beautiful, stressful, nerve-bending, and rewarding in about equal measure. It's a shame the mystery of Necrotech never got solved, but then, that's often the nature of things, in the dungeon.

I'll take this one last chance to thank my players who never failed to bring their best game to the table every Sunday afternoon. Mrs. Chasing the DM and I made some amazing friends and shared some incredible laughs. Ben, Phil, Jase, Nick, Lily, Neil, Amy, guys know who you are!

5th Edition - With the Basic D&D pdf now free and available, my mind naturally turns to the next big thing. After the highs and lows of 4E, the new game seems inoffensive and designed with a more traditional game of D&D in mind. I'm quite happy with that idea and already moving on the new rules.

First on the agenda is a simple PBEM forum game which I'm enjoying over at ENWorld under the guiding hand of user Li Shenron. Originally intended to give the play-test rules a flex, we've just converted our characters to the Basic rules and are pushing into 2nd level even as we speak. There are some great role-players in that bunch and I suspect the game may go on for some time.

Second is a new online game of 5E with most of my classic gaming buddies who you may know from the Dragonlance campaign mentioned in earlier posts. We're not able to meet up that often due to RL pressures and the sheer logistics of getting everyone in the same place at the same time, so we're going to have a hack at a Skype-based online game alongside the various F2F games we run during the meet-ups. This will be a very new experience for all of us and I'm interested to see how it turns out.

I'll be running the Phandelvar adventure from the Starter Set and if things proceed smoothly, I'll look to situate the game in my new campaign world (see below) down the road.

Dragonlance - We've had a second session of the Dragonlance campaign, not journaled here as yet, in which the characters finished up their escapades in the Glitterpalace and finally discovered exactly how to destroy the Queen of Darkness! The next session should take place in August.

New Campaign World - I have a new campaign on the boil! This is purely for me at the moment, the kind of top-down campaign design experience that I deliberately avoided with Cradle Plain, and ended up regretting. This is the kind of thing every DM loves to do: work quietly on world-building during every spare five minutes.

It's too new to even have a name, but it does already have one thing I never provided my players for Cradle Plain despite their pleas: a decent map (lesson learned guys)! It'll be oriented squarely at 5E and should hopefully form the basis of my next table-top campaign, whenever that happens, and perhaps assume background status for the online game, depending on how that goes.

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