Friday, 9 October 2015

5E Dragonlance updated

I've pushed some initial content to the Dragonlance 5E page! In this update, I describe how Ansalon is rebuilding five years after the War of the Lance. This will be the starting point for the upcoming campaign.

Next update: less fluff, more crunch!

Friday, 2 October 2015

What's Happening?

5the Edition D&D!

That's what's happening, on a couple of fronts, hopefully with more to come.

Our rewind back into the world of AD&D Dragonlance concluded satisfactorily, with Takhisis banished back into the Abyss where she belongs... and the PC's with her!

I ran a customised ending which, unlike the module, involved the party actually facing down her Dark Maj rather than just getting in the way, and it was all over in three rounds with a by-the-book Dragonlance inserted into her squishy bits by a very high HP Fighter.

With Her divine soul naked and banished back to whatever abyssal pit it came from, the party faced a choice: pursue the Queen of Darkness and try to destroy her forever, or retreat back into the Prime and live the rest of their days as the legendary heroes who saved the world?