Friday, 2 October 2015

What's Happening?

5the Edition D&D!

That's what's happening, on a couple of fronts, hopefully with more to come.

Our rewind back into the world of AD&D Dragonlance concluded satisfactorily, with Takhisis banished back into the Abyss where she belongs... and the PC's with her!

I ran a customised ending which, unlike the module, involved the party actually facing down her Dark Maj rather than just getting in the way, and it was all over in three rounds with a by-the-book Dragonlance inserted into her squishy bits by a very high HP Fighter.

With Her divine soul naked and banished back to whatever abyssal pit it came from, the party faced a choice: pursue the Queen of Darkness and try to destroy her forever, or retreat back into the Prime and live the rest of their days as the legendary heroes who saved the world?

They chose the former, naturally.

Afterwards I suggested that a 5E Dragonlance campaign which picked up a few years after the end of the war might be fun. One general murmur of agreement later, and that's what we're doing.

It means a lot of crunchy work for me, much of which I'll be posting here (look for the 5E Dragonlance link at the top of the page), but I'm really looking forward to it, not just because a fresh campaign means new characters, new ideas, and new stories, but also because it'll finally be an opportunity to play 5E around the table rather than just online.

Speaking of which, we're now fifteen-or-so sessions into our online 5E campaign. It started with the brilliant Lost Mine of Phandelver and has now moved into a modified Princes of the Apocalypse. It's going well; the system holds up, it's a breeze to design for, and the technology-laced experience of playing D&D over the internet is closer to a traditional around-the-table game than I feared. It's not quite as good, obviously; but it's plenty good enough to have a great game.

I'll write another post later-on about our experiences with that, and will start filtering the journals through the blog once I have a few more sessions in the can.

Looking forward, I've expressed an interest to a local shoppe-keepe about running an Adventurer's League group in his store. No news on that yet, and I have no idea if I can maintain the schedule, but he's had other inquiries about running a D&D table, so it's certainly worth a shot. Nothing like DM'ing a bunch of friends you've never met to keep you on your toes.


Unknown said...

25 Years in the making. That was some campaign, lets see you top that!

Neil Burton said...

@Unknown, yeah, no pressure!